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Macon Pilots | Experience the freedom of flight

Now taking on new students

This may possibly be the best time to enroll!

If you have been thinking about getting your pilot’s license, now could possibly be the best time. With our latest group of graduates Macon Pilots has a few remaining slots for new enrollment. The enrollment process is simple — with payment and financial aid opportunities available. Call us today and get started living your dream.


Meet Thomas, he runs a local non-profit organization for the adult mentally challenged. We were so pleased to see this big heart foe people have enough room to love flying. Thomas takes on life with a full tank of gas and the pedal down so it was no surprise that he devoured his text books and always hungry for more knowledge.

Thomas is a busy guy leaving little room for scheduling full lessons often taking his lessons into the night. Thomas has overcome having to take shortened lesson and on February 7th, 2014 solo’d for the first time. Thomas was grinning for two days straight after that and so was his flight instructor. We are so proud of Thomas’ progress as student and he is now working on cross countries. He’ll be taking a check ride very soon.


Meet Forest, a local car deal and owner here in Macon Georgia. When it comes to the car business Forest is your go to guy. He also an excellent student. Forest is one of the sharpest students we’ve had at Macon Pilots. As an instructor you have to stay on your toes when it comes to Forest, his whit and humor will catch you off guard and send you belly laughing.

On December 28th, 2013 one day after his friend and training partner Rick solo’d, Forest solo’d. These two guys had a friendly competition going on who would solo first and Rick just edged Forest out. Beating Forest at anything is extremely difficult so this one was a close call. However, Forest performed very well, executing three wonderful landings to a full stop.


Meet Rick, owner of a premier landscape company. Seeing his business grow from a single lawn mower to several crews maintaining Macon’s upper elite homes he wanted more out of life. So with his love for the outdoors, he sought his next great achievement getting his personal pilots license. We had so much fun watching his passion for aviation take flight and we are looking forward to what he is going to do in the future.

December 27th, 2013 Rick piloted his training aircraft for his first time solo. The conditions were just right and Rick was nailing every landing when his flight instructor hopped out and turned Rick loose. Rick performed beautifully making three full stop landings to conclude his first solo.

Rick went on to get his license on March 8th, 2014. As all Macon Pilots students do, Rick passed his check ride on his first attempt and we couldn’t be more proud. We are also proud of his dedication and work ethic and most of all because he accomplished his goal of becoming a private pilot. He has since gone on several outings and even take his lovely wife and beautiful daughter on a cross country to Charleston SC.


Meet Tye, a recent graduate of the University of Arkansas and Army Ranger in the National Guard. While working at a local sporting goods store he found the time and money to pay out of pocket to get his private pilots’ license. With hard work and dedication he excelled through the our program and he will finish amazingly close to the 40 minimum time requirement for private pilot.

September 3rd 2013 was an exciting day in the history of Macon Pilots as Tye’solo’d. The winds were calm and Tye beautifully performed three take offs and landings to full stop. When Tye exited the Piper Cherokee he was grinning from ear to to ear as his flight instructor explained the tradition of the-cutting-of-the-shirt-tails and proceeded to cut Tye’s shirt tail.